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Useful Companion Programs

This page is a repository for some other pieces of software which are generally used in conjunction with tcptrace.

  • xplot - Tim Shepard's xplot is an essential piece of software if you want to view the graphs generated by tcptrace. Download Tim's official xplot here or our unofficial somewhat patched version here. A version compiled for Windows is available here (make sure you read the "README.Windows" file in "doc" directory).

  • jPlot - jPlot is a Java version of Tim Shepard's xplot, by Avinash Lakhiani. Visit the jPlot website or download jPlot.1.0.2.tar.gz, jPlot.1.0.2.zip.

  • tcpdump - tcpdump is a very useful program for making and reading packet dumps of network trafic. The latest version should be found at www.tcpdump.org.

  • tcpslice - tcpslice is a program for splitting large dumpfiles into several smaller, more manageable ones. Download tcpslice-1.1a3

  • tcpurify - Ethan Blanton's packet sniffer designed to protect the privacy of users on the sniffed network, by truncating packets and randomizing IP addresses. Visit the tcpurify website or download tcpurify 0.9.5

  • xpl2gpl - xpl2gpl is an AWK script that converters tcptrace-style xplot input files to gnuplot input files. xpl2gpl

  • tcpsplit - tcpsplit is a nice little pcap program written by Mark Allman. The tool will chop up a libpcap (tcpdump) packet trace into some number of sub-traces. The splitting is done along TCP connection boundaries so as to not dump part of a connection in one sub-trace and one part in another. Available at Mark's site as tcpsplit