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What is xpl2gpl?

xpl2gpl is a utility that converters tcptrace-style xplot input to gnuplot input. This converter gives a nearly perfect gnuplot reproduction of the input xplot graph.

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Simply copy the script file xpl2gpl to a system-wide area like /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, or any other suitable location, if you wish to make it available to all users. Then just make the file executable by using

'chmod 755 xpl2gpl'.

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xpl2gpl   [-s]   < filename[.xpl] >

This would produce files by the names "file_name.gpl", "file_name.datasets" and "file_name.labels". Load the file "file_name.gpl" in gnuplot and it should give you the plot.

The contents of the other files are as follows:

"file_name.datasets" : contains all the plotting coordinates.
"file_name.labels"   : contains all the labels of the plot.
"file_name.ps"       : this is the postscript version of the plot that is created when the file "file_name.gpl" is loaded in gnuplot.

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-s : seperate files (for expert users)

If you wish to plot only some data from the xpl file, you may use the -s (seperate files) option which generates a bunch of data-files filtered based on the color and plotting style.

Look at the xplot version of the plot, and based upon the color and style, you may alter the corresponding lines in the ".gpl" file, for whatever data you want to alter in the plot.

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xplot plot:

Corresponding gnuplot plot generated by xpl2gpl:

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To download, right-click and use the "save as" option. DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE THE FILE PERMISSIONS TO MAKE IT EXECUTABLE. Use something like

'chmod 755 xpl2gpl'


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Avinash Lakhiani - Research Assistant - Internetworking Research Lab (IRG) - Ohio University

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