tcptrace-bugs Action Required - Your Paypal Account Has Been Limited

From: Paypal Security Center (
Date: 05/16/06

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From: "Paypal Security Center" <>
Subject: tcptrace-bugs Action Required - Your Paypal Account Has Been Limited
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 00:42:19 -0400

PayPal - Limited Account Access Details

Identity protection matters. And PayPal works day and night to help keep your identity safe. That's why it has come to our attention that your PayPal account information needs to be updated as part of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce the instance of fraud on our website. We need more information to help us provide you with secure service. Until we can collect this information, your access to sensitive account features will be limited or terminated. We would like to restore your access as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Why is my account access limited?

Your account access has been limited for the following reason's:

  • May. 14, 2006: We have reason to believe that your account was accessed by a third party. Because protecting the security of your account is our primary concern, we have limited access to sensitive PayPal account features. We understand that this may be an inconvenience but please understand that this temporary limitation is for your protection.

  • (Your case ID for this reason is PP-152-173-924.)

    How can I restore my account access?

    Please click the above link and complete the Steps to Remove Limitations.

    Completing all of the checklist items will automatically restore your account access.

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