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Date: 03/19/06

Subject: tcptrace-bugs Total Traffic
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 13:31:34 +0000
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I've been using tcptrace to analyze captures. The capturfiles was build with tcpdump and following options -i eth3 杦 tcpdump.dmp. I will see all tcp traffic over eth3. I analyze the capturefile with tcptrace 杧traffic 杋1 朆. The result is:

Overall Statistics over 599 seconds (0:09:59.865769):
808647244 ttl bytes sent, 1349995.379 bytes/second
753195171 ttl non-rexmit bytes sent, 1257421.035 bytes/second
55452073 ttl rexmit bytes sent, 92574.411 bytes/second
2520750 packets sent, 4208.264 packets/second
1053 connections opened, 1.758 conns/second
12167 dupacks sent, 20.312 dupacks/second
70228 rexmits sent, 117.242 rexmits/second
average RTT: 112.957 msecs

What is non-rexmit bytes and what is rexmit bytes?
Is it a pices from bytes send?
I have load the traffic_byport in excel. I create the sum off bytes overall ports, the resault is:

Is it the same as 808647244+808647244+55452073?
The total bytes in the traffic_byport is 808647244.
What is the total traffic over the interface? Can you help me?

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