tcptrace-bugs Are you looking for high - paid job?!

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Date: 02/25/06

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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 03:19:55 -0500
Subject: tcptrace-bugs Are you looking for high - paid job?!

You are welcomed by "European Commercial Group"
Are you looking for high - paid job that won't be disturbing your primary job?!
Or you want work at home?
Our firm is ready to offer you the chance.
At this moment we are enlarging our staff and you have a chance to become a member of our team and get additional earnings spending 2 - 3 hours per week
You don't need any special experience for this position.

What we offer:
- Flexible program: two hours/week at your choice, daytime and evening time, mainly checking your e-mail
- Work at home: checking e-mail and going to the bank
- Part time - no need to leave your current job - if you already work.
- 2-3 hours free during the week (mainly in the evening / non-business hours) for communication.

What we ask:
- You must own an existing bank account. Also you can create new account for work with us only.

- Adult age (must be over 21 years old)
- U.S. work authorization
- You don't need to selling or buying anything.
- You don't need to make personal investments to start your work.

To start your work, send us e-mail with your resume and we will provide you all instructions and info.
Please send your reply to:
Thank you and have a nice day.

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