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Date: 01/03/06

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Subject: tcptrace-bugs I NEED YOUR HELP
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 07:16:50 +0000

From: Mrs Suzzan Sainovic



I am the wife of Mr. Nicolai Sainovic one of the people of the former
Yugoslavia indicted at the War Crime Tribunal in Hague.The indictment was
politically motivated we must say, but there is nothing we can do now but to
answer according to the law.The whole set-up we believe was a package some
of the the western world has provided former Yugoslavia to contend with. Mr.
Slobodan Milutinovic and my husband had kept some funds, American currencies
in a private Bank to enable them take care of rebel problems.

However, now that the country they seeked to protect has turned against
them,We need to transfer the money out for safety from where it has been
lodged somewhere in Europe.The fund is in excess of 75million (Seventy Five
Million Dollars).
It can be transferred to you under diplomatic immunity or be paid into
offshore accounts through which you will lay possession of it to foster some
investment on our behalf.Can you Handle this projects? Are you capable of
handling funds? Are you trustworthy? I have been asked to offer you 25%,for
your assistance, Will that be ok for you?Please reply to me at the earliest
to enable me stop contacting other persons for assistance.

Full name
Home and Office address
Phone & Fax number
Your company name
Your Position
Your International Passport or Driver Lisence

These information are vital to the success of this transaction.
Note that this transaction is risk free. I will commence immediately to
secure all legal documents in your favor on your acceptance to fully
co-operate with me.

I await your urgent response to enable us jumpstart this project and nurture
it to reality.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs.Suzzan Saivonic

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