Re: tcptrace-bugs Bugs repport

From: Joshua Blanton (
Date: 12/03/05

Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 09:28:48 -0500
From: Joshua Blanton <>
Subject: Re: tcptrace-bugs Bugs repport
Message-ID: <>

www global wrote:
> My PC uses windowsXP SP2, DELL D610 and I download tcptrace for win 6.6.0. But I have trouble to launch tcptrace. I can not use it.
> I enclose here is my capture about this bug. I hope you will fix it soon
> Thanks in advance

Tcptrace does not work on Windows XP service pack 2. We do not know
why, nor do we have a machine running XP SP2 with which to debug
this problem... You're welcome to find the bug and submit a patch.

Some users have found that re-compiling works, but many have not.
There is clearly a change in Windows, but we have not as yet had the
time or interest in tracking it down.


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