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Date: 09/20/05

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From: "Mr. Henry B. Robert" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 12:32:12 +0200
Subject: tcptrace-bugs Good Day.


Good day.

I am Mr.Henry B. Robert, from Ivory Coast in West Africa.I haveinstructed myson to contact you for a possible investment assistance based on the reasonthat i need a foriegn partner.

I have the amount of US$5.5 Million dollars ready for investment assoonas the fund is transfered outof Africa. I am a formal revenuedirector inthe ministry in Ivory Coast, I will not be meeting with you now because iam in a critical condition, therefore i will send my son along withinstructions to Senegal where these fund is deposited in a security companydue to the war in my country. Meanwhile, based on my son's inexperience in business, i advised that you can effectively use your experience and good will in business with the available investment fund for mutual benefits.

It will be a delight to have your direct and personal contact numbersforone on one discussion over this matter with my son. Thank you for your understanding.

Awaiting your reply soon.

Mr.Henry B. Robert

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