Re: tcptrace-bugs problem with the tcptrace

From: Manikantan Ramadas (
Date: 03/28/05

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 10:14:52 -0500
From: Manikantan Ramadas <>
Subject: Re: tcptrace-bugs problem with the tcptrace
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Hi Phani,

  My apologies for the way long response time!
  The -i option for the traffic module controls how frequently the overall
data graph gets updated, and this would change to 1 second when you specify
a different value with the -i option.

  The actual graph is drawn by the xplot program which tries to fit in the
entire graph within the graph window. While the program lets you zoom into
any level of detail (therby increasing the x-axis resolution), I don't know
of any direct way to ask xplot to change its default x-axis resolution. This
might require a horizontal scroll-bar if your dumpfile was say 3 hours long
and you asked for a 1 sec resolution, and xplot unfortunately doesn't have a
scrolling mechanism :-( There is a Java version of the program - jPlot which
probably can be tinkered to do this for you.

- Mani.
On Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 02:12:02AM +0530, DURGAM PANI AYYAPPA wrote:
> sir,
> i am using your tcptrace to analyse the dump produced by tcpdump. I am
> trying to plot the graph for throughput. i need x-axis interval should
> be 1 second. i tried the following command
> tcptrace -xtraffic''-T -i1'' trace.dump
> but it is plotting at 15sec interval on x-axis. please send me the
> information how to override the default behaviour.
> thanking you,
> phani.

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