tcptrace-bugs some memory bugs

From: Francesco Vacirca (
Date: 02/11/05

Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 12:08:23 +0100
From: Francesco Vacirca <>
Subject: tcptrace-bugs some memory bugs

Dear all,

I'm working with tcptrace with very large traces and I found that there
are some memory deallocation error in the pool.c and in the avl.c files.

In particular:

- in function PoolFree in the pool.c file, when a pool list is NULL
tcptrace forgets to increase the block number and it loses a block of

  if (pools[poolid].list == NULL) {
    block->next = NULL;
    pools[poolid].block_no++; <-------------ADDED
    pools[poolid].list = block;

- in the file avl.c, when tcptrace removes a ptp_snap from the tree it
forgets to deallocate the memory.
    In the SnapRemove function it should be added FreePtpSnap(*root);
before *root=NULL; at the end of the function.
    In the SnapFindHighest and SnapFindLowest at the end of the
functions it should be added a FreePtpSnap(tmp);

Let me know what you think about these patches.


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