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Technology Breakthroughs

Technology Breakthroughs!
News for Forward-Thinking Investors

This tech leader is about to end
an embarrassing cruise ship nightmare that has kept their guests in the dark far too long!

Reported by: Ralph Daniels
For Technology Breakthroughs Online

     As soon as a guest steps on board a cruise ship, it’s like walking backward ten years or so to a time when only a few tech-nuts had the luxury of the Internet in the home.

    Believe it or not, today’s cruise industry thrusts 9.5 million people annually into a technology ba ckwater that’s as outdated as not having a phone or TV!

Dear Profit-Seeking Investor:

   This could be one of the most compelling business stories you’ll come across for some time.


400% Near-Term Share Price Growth Projection

Company:In-Systcom, Inc.

Growth:400% / 6 months
2,800%+ / 12-24 months*

*Analysis provided in this report.
Watch for news due out very soon that could send share prices up in a sharp immediate spike of 30% to 50%!

             Imagine the money you would make by offering a population greater
          than New York City (about 9.5 million people) with in-home           Internet and e-mail access for the first time ever!

          Not just an ordinary population either, but one that is populated
          with wealth, education, and the desire to travel.

   That's what In-Systcom (ISYJ) executives figured a few years back when they pioneered an exclusive technology to deliver Internet and e-mail access on cruise ships, using the ship’s existing wiring!

   That’s not all. They also pioneered the installation of in-cabin amenities as Video-on-Demand (VOD), Satellite TV, video gaming, interactive services, travel and entertainment booking, plus more!

   Now, after three very successful pilot installations, (detailed later in this alert), and a fourth just completed, In-Systcom is now shipping its SeaLynx™ system, setting a course for full scale roll-out!

   The scope of this business opportunity is staggering. The profit potential even more so.

   It’s why this undiscovered stock could soar by 400% near term…Growing
a $5,000 investment to $20,000 or more in 6 months or less!

   For investors seeking an aggressive play on a low-cost, high potential stock, this one could be a screaming bargain right now. Hovering at just .20 on the pink sheets, ISYJ has been holding well against the downside, offering a stable entry point pending big news and breakout announcements.

   And that could come any day now.

   In-Systcom has already deployed their SeaLynx technology on ships in the prestigious Silverseas cruise line and only days ago, announced their second deployment in the Oceania cruise line. (Press release 10/11/2004 BusinessWire)

   That’s 4 vessels already, and more news is likely to be released in the coming weeks.

   All this sets the stage for a move onto OTCBB…which is precisely where company Chairman and CEO, Will Riner, Sr., is ready to take ISYJ.

   From there, the breakout could unfold at a skyrocketing pace!

   A $1 share price by July 2005?
   Invest in ISYJ now, you’ll be in at around .20 a share, just preceding the time when next    year’s investors could be clamoring for shares at $1 or more!

   T he independent investment advisor The Research Works projected ISYJ to trade at $1.05 by July 2005. From their report: “Management has suggested that the Silversea contract is the Company's model for the future. As In-Systcom negotiates with other cruise lines representing 40 ships and 32,000 cabins, the Company expects to gross approximately $15 weekly per cabin in revenue as it expands.”

   Expanding on those revenue figures yields stunning numbers. In North America alone,

            215,000 cruise ship cabins (berths) represents a total potential market for ISYJ
            of $167.7 million a year!

            In-Systcom’s very reasonable growth strategy, which has been updated to
 &nbs p;          50 ships over 18 to 24 months, projects to revenues of $31.2 million a year
            in 2006! And at the current net profitability of around 31% of gross revenue,
            that projects to about 17¢ EPS!

            With aggressive growth companies typically trading at 30 to 40 times earnings,
            ISYJ could reasonably be a $6 to $7 stock in 24 months!

   Longer term, perhaps 24 to 36 months, ISYJ has all the potential to be
a $7 to $10 stock…That’s 2,800% to 4,000% growth from today’s share price…

                 Offering investors right now the potential to start small
                              with minimal risk and hit the jackpot!

   Just $2,000 invested today could return $54,000 to $78,000 in pure profit!

   This is the kind of opportunity that could make your dreams come true. And the best part is, the technology is already installed and serving thousands of passengers right now. It’s just waiting to grow as more and more ships are outfitted with the In-Systcom SeaLynx system!

   On the current installation schedule, ISYJ profits could be com ing on fast. According to projections provided by CEO, Wil Riner, In-Systcom could reach first profitability as early as 2nd quarter 2005!

   Companies on the pink sheets fantasize about the day when they may see revenues, let alone those that turn a profit! Yet In-Systcom is projecting profits just a few months from now! What’s more, the current installations are working as planned and revenues are beginning to flow that make profits in Q2/05 a very real probability.

   Thus, this is one of those pivotal moments in a company’s life that marks a turning point for investors.

   Do you invest now…or do you wait and miss the explosive price surge coming out of pink sheet valuations?

   If you’re an aggressive investor, the answer should be clear.

   At today’s share price, this could be one of the very best investment decisions you make.

  Even if you limited yourself to just a few thousand shares, you could turn a handsome profit in just a few months, with a very modest downside risk. What’s more, by buying now, you’ll be setting the stage for a major breakout in the future and a fat profit to pad your position!

   Not a pipe dream. Not an R&D promise. It’s real, onboard, and
happening now!

   Since the In-Systcom is already operational on a number of ships, serving tens of thousands of passengers, you don’t have to wait for the sales department to prove that there’s a market either!

   New orders should be coming in very quickly. Especially as cruise lines see the capabilities of their competitors grow. Rather than looking for customers, In-Systcom could be faced with the enviable problem of having them line up at the door!

   Not any time soon! This is…

   A Fantasy Island of profit opportunity!

   You’ll love this part of the show…

   Right now, there’s no competition to the In-Systcom technology! It’s the only show in town! If a cruise line wants Internet connections to the cabins, it has two choices. Dry dock and retrofit, or choose In-Systcom to interface with their existing systems.
The growing market… and only one source for a sensible solution!
    According to more cruise industry statistics, about 87% (8.3 million passengers) of cruise ship passengers boarded North American cruise ships.

   You know what that means, a whole city full of Americans with no personal access to the Internet, even for e-mail!

   These are people who write big checks for first class service. It’s reasonable to think that the vast majority of them live by e-mail at home and at work. And since most cruises last more than a week, Internet access could be a make-or-break point about booking a cruise.

   What’s more, the problem is getting worse.

   Since the year 2000, the cruise industr y has grown from 5.1 million passengers to 9.5 million. By 2010, the figures are expected to soar past 17million passengers!

   And you’re going to deny these people access to the Internet?

   Since most cruise ships were built years ago with wiring that did not anticipate a modern Internet, the cruise operators have had nothing to offer except on-board public Internet lounges.

   That just doesn’t cut it in 2005!

   The In-Systcom solution puts the Internet into every cabin on board!

   Live sports shows and movies too!

   From marketing perspective, this could be the right product at the right time for a growing industry. Once a cruise company makes the commitment to upgrade to in-cabin Internet, e-mail and interactive services, In-Systcom can have a fully operational system up and running in a matter of weeks, with no downtime and no disruption to normal cruise activities.

   In-Systcom’s technology breakthrough came when it developed an interface that linked the existing phone wiring with the ship’s C-band or K-band com links. These com links provide the uplink and downlink needed to enable Internet and satellite TV access while the In-Systcom SeaLynx system manages the bandwidth possible on the room-to-room wiring network.

   As reported by In-Systcom management, nobody else has this technology nor anything like it. What’s more, In-Systcom is not just targeting the cruise ship industry!

   The resorts at cruise ship destinations face the same dilemmas. High-end resorts on remote is lands face similar challenges providing guests with access to online entertainment, movies and sports programming that their American guests have come to expect.

   Using In-Systcom technology, resorts could soon offer a complete menu of in-room entertainment, including Internet access and e-mail. That market adds millions more travelers to In-Systcom’s potential revenue equation.

   Invest now in ISYJ and you could sit back and relax on a profit-making cruise of a lifetime. And, you can expect your investment will be well managed because even though In-Systcom is a relatively new company…

   In-Systcom is commanded by a seasoned crew of technology and cruise industry veterans.

   With veterans like this at the helm, you can be certain your investment will stay true to an aggressive growth course.

   Wil Riner, Sr., Chairman/CEO/Director, has more than 30 years of experience, both domestic and international, in marketing, product development and telecommunications. In 1983, he received a U.S. patent for the first integrated personal computer workstation featuring a multi-line business phone and multi-tasking capability. In 1986, Mr. Riner founded The Network Connection Inc. (NASDAQ:TNCX), a designer of computer servers and interactive, broadband information and entertainment systems. In 1999, he helped orchestrate the company’s merger with In-Flight Technologies, then moved on to create Inc., in January 2000.

   Peter DeMilio, President, is a former Manager of Marine Technologies for Carnival Cruise Lines, where he m anaged the development and installation of interactive television systems, Internet Cafes, advanced broadcast television, and satellite telecommunications services. He also owned a technology company devoted to computer graphics, video presentation, and interactive communications. He’s also a member of the Federal Communication’s Advisory Committee on the future of interactive telecommunication technology within the maritime industry.

   Wil Riner, Jr., VP Engineering/Director is the former Director of Sales and Marketing of TNCi Atlanta where he developed domestic and international distribution of the company's lines of video server products used in training and entertainment. In 1998, TNCi became the first company ever to install an FAA certified digital seat back entertainment system aboard a commercial aircraft. Mr. Riner’s other project includes th e sale of shipboard in-cabin digital entertainment system for Carnival's 900 cabin "Sensation" and Carnival’s 1200 cabin flag ship "Triumph"! .

   Stephen Stethers, Vice President/Secretary and a Director has more than 15 years experience in the personal computer and network server industries. He is the former VP of Operations and Project Manager for The Network Connection Inc. (TNCX), responsible for overall project management and installation of the "Cruiseview Video on Demand" system isolating dedicated channels for in-house services. Mr. Stethers has completed projects aboard two cruise ships (Star Cruises, Malaysia; Carnival Cruises, Florida).

   What you should do now to lock in this opportunity.

   At the time of thi s writing, ISYJ has been trading at $0.20 per share, so this is the ideal opportunity to lock in a solid position with a small investment.

  Because of ISYJ’s aggressive growth plan is progressing now, you could see rapid share price gains in the coming weeks as news of ISYJ’s accomplishments is announced and investor interest grows.

   It is reasonable that the current share price represents the very best entry point for new inv estors. However, as can be expected, this is a risky investment suitable only for aggressive investors willing to assume the risk of substantial losses.

   Considering the current state of ISYJ’s growing business and very low price per share, a significant position in the company can be taken n ow putting just a modest investment at risk.


400% Near-Term Share Price Growth Projection

Company:In-Systcom, Inc.

Growth:400% / 6 months
2,800%+ / 12-24 months*

*Analysis provided in this report.
Watch for news due out very soon that could send share prices up in a sharp immediate spike of 30% to 50%!

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