Re: tcptrace-bugs patch to xplot - please test

From: Joshua Blanton (
Date: 11/13/04

Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 01:50:43 -0500
From: Joshua Blanton <>
Subject: Re: tcptrace-bugs patch to xplot - please test
Message-ID: <>

Manikantan Ramadas wrote:
> That patch seems to fix it, almost. I can see the Postscripts
> generated with Shift + Left-Click just fine (with GGV on my
> Fedora Core 3 Linux distribution). But the PS files generated with
> Shift + Middle-Click or Shift + Right-Click just end up blank white
> pictures. This ofcourse may or may not be because of your patch, I
> don't know whats causing them.

Hm, I tried shift-left-click and shift-middle-click, and they both made
PS files that I could read... At least, I think I did. To be honest,
though, I don't have any idea what the differences are between the
three - I've always used shift-left-click for generating images...

Anyway, I don't think that I changed anything that would matter; I just
changed the header to be correct, and changed a reference to the var
"colorwhite" to be "color%s", where %s is defined as an array entry...
Of course, I might just not be smart enough to understand the
ramifications of the change I made, since I didn't look at the
surrounding code all that well - but since it was clearly broken, at
least with respect to the header, I figured it should be fixed.


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