tcptrace-bugs patch to xplot - please test

From: Joshua Blanton (
Date: 11/12/04

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 19:09:03 -0500
From: Joshua Blanton <>
Subject: tcptrace-bugs patch to xplot - please test
Message-ID: <>


I patched xplot a bit, so that the preamble is now "%!PS" instead of
"%!PostScript" (which pukes on my version of gv), and also does the
"right thing" with the ColorNames[0] entry; apparently this string is
assigned to something other than "white" in fedora core 2, but later in
the code there's an explicit use of "colorwhite" - which doesn't exist
if the default foreground isn't white...

Anyway, I think it won't *break* anything, but if you could please try
it out. The patch is made against the newest tcptrace xplot release.


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