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September Edition

Welcome to The September Edition of The Savvy Investor,

Each month The Savvy Investor analysts study, research, and examine hundreds of stocks, in an effort to pinpoint the one with the most promise.

This month's pick: E Food Safety Inc.
Interactive Chart: EFSF
Recent Price: $.30          +3.45%
Industry: Food Processing

In a recessionary economy and the ensuing jobless recovery, the food-processing industry enjoys meat-and-potatoes status. Were finding that the food-processing industry has been impacted less by the soft economy than other sectors."More...

Millions of people fall ill and many die as a result of eating unsafe food. Deeply concerned by this, a resolution was adopted by the WHO to recognize food safety as an essential public health function. More...

The economic cost of foodborne illness in terms of pain and suffering, reduced productivity, and medical expenses is substantial, in the range of $10-83 billion each year. More...



Food processing is an $800 billion industry in the United States alone.

84,000 sq ft expansion recently completed to meet the demand for increased production and distribution.

Patented systems for certifying food products safe ahead of current Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations are pending.

Joint venture with $6.8 Million, Aquentium Inc.

Product contracts with Empire Kosher, the largest kosher poultry producer in the world.

Pechala's reports indicate the stock will appreciate 33% in the next 2-week period. (see PDF) is a development-stage company whose business is ensuring the safety and healthfulness of fresh produce. To that end, has acquired Food Safe, Inc., Food Safe, Inc. has developed food safety processes that kill pathogens and bacteria. This process also removes pesticides and can guarantee not only a food-safe product at the processing and packing levels, but along the entire food production chain--from production to consumption--using new methods of risk analysis. These methods provide efficient, science-based tools to improve food safety, thereby benefiting both public health and economic development.
One of the most important elements of the food safety system is its ability to extend the shelf life of a product an additional 10 to 30 days. Considering that over 25-35% of a grower's fresh fruits, vegetables and produce never reach an end-user, the extension of the life cycle of a perishable product is extremely beneficial to all parties, including the consumer or any end-user.  In May 2004, acquired Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd.

TSI is celebrating our average 199% returns over the past year with a fresh look.

The recent SEC ruling to leave the Over The Counter Bulletin Board in its current form is a very bullish sign for this market - possibly a turning point. We think that this is an encouraging signal from regulators that the OTCBB can expect a more positive financial climate going forward. We assessed EFSF and found it met our 4 basic investment criteria:

1. EFSF is offered at an ideal Buy Point.
2. EFSF is in a leading group.
3. The company financials are strong.
4. The food industry is stable in a soft economy.

People care very much about the safety of their food.
I would expect great things from this company and in my opinion it is a Strong Buy.

Editing Chairman

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