Re: tcptrace-bugs Using tcptrace with ns traces

From: Angelos Stavrou (
Date: 09/28/04

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 09:50:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Angelos Stavrou <>
Subject: Re: tcptrace-bugs Using tcptrace with ns traces
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Hi Bharath,

Can you please send me more information on the ns code you are testing?
I remember that there are some flags that you need to use for the ns
traces to be processed properly by tcptrace.

Also, last time I checked, tcptrace supports ns2 traces - what is
the version of ns you are using?


On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Bharath Bhushan wrote:

> Hi all,
> 1) When the two endpoints are 0.0 and 3.0, the tcp connection between
> them is being recongnized as two separate half-duplex connections. If
> I change the endpoint addresses to (0.0, 3.1) or (0.1, 3.0), it is
> recognized as one complete connection. What could the problem be?
> 2) The final statistics shows lots of duplicates. When I looked at the
> pread_ns_fulltcp() function, it doesn't seem t care about the
> different kinds of events happening on a packet. So the
> enque/deque/recv etc are all recognized as duplicate packets. Is there
> a way to overcome this?
> Thanks in advance
> -- Bharath

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