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Date: 09/25/04

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I am Mr Joseph Coleman the eldest son of Chife Micheal Coleman from Liberia
presently in Nederland.My father was killed two years ago(2002) in the war in
liberia incuding my only brother. During the war in my country and following
the indiscriminate looting of Public and Government properties by the rebel
forces, the Liberian mining co-operation was one of the target looted and it
was destroyed.

My late father was a top offical with libearian Minning co-operation,he was
among six other top Government functionaries that were attacked and killed by
the rebels because of his relationship with the civilian Government of Charles
Taylor.I and my two sisters relocated to Ivory Coast with my mother to stay
with the only surviving relative of the family to secure ourselves until
october last year 2003 i and my two sisters relocate to Nederland seeking
asylum here, we lost our mother after a brief illness in Ivory Coast.Since our
arrival in Nederland,i have been searching for a liable person who can help us
secure my father's wealth deposited in europe in a security out fit.

I am writing you in absolute confidence primarily to seek your assistance to
transfer our cash of eighteen million and five hundred thousand Dollars
($18,000.000.00) now in the custody of a private Security trust firm in
Europe,the money is in trunk boxes deposited and declared as Precious stones by
my late father as a matter of fact the company does not know the content as
money, although my Father made them to understand that the boxes belongs to his
foreign partner.

Source of the money:

My late Father Chief Michael Coleman is a native of Kru tribe in the Northern
province of Liberia, was the General Manager of Liberia Mining co-operation
(L.M.C.) Monrovia.According to my Father this money was the income accrued from
Mining Co-operation's over draft and minor sales of Diamonds and Gold.My Father
was ready to go to europe to clear the goods before he met his on timely
death.Before the peak of the civil war between the rebels forces and the
Government forces demanding forceful removal from power of the civilian
President Charles Taylor by the rebels. My Father had already made arrangement
for his family to be evacuated to Ivory coast with the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT
AND THE AGREEMENT OF DEPOSIT he made with the security firm in Europe.

As a result of my fathers death and with the information we got that the rebels
are out for us the burden became too much for me to handle coupled with the ill
health of my mother she died in the process as I could not afford her a decent
medical care. The unrest in Ivory Coast and the threat from the rebels against
our lifes,made us to be evacuated to Nederland last year october 2003 where I
and my two sisters are seeking political asylum, we are at present in an asylum
camp in a small village in Nederland(HOLLAND). Our only hope now is in you and
the boxes deposited in the Security Firm To this effect, humbly solicit your
assistance in the followings ways.

1). To assist me claim this boxes from the security Firm as our Foreign partner,

2). To transfer this money (USD$18Million) in your name to your country,

3). To make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on our behalf in
your country and you, our Adviser/ Manager. For your assistance, I have decided
that 20% of the total amount will be for your effort and another 5 % to cover
all the expenses that may incur during the business transaction.Please contact
me on my private email

whether or not you are interested in assisting us. This will enable us make
alternative plans, in the event of non-interest on your part.

Last, I urge you to keep this transaction strictly confidential as no one knows
our where about. Please as you show your willingness, forward to me your full
name, address and Tel/ Fax numbers, to me via my private email, and I will get
back to you immediately with more information's and subsequently send you the
necessary documents needed in this transaction.


May God bless you as you assist us.


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