tcptrace-bugs Some questions about TCPtrace

From: 최재영 (
Date: 07/14/04

From: 최재영 <>
Subject: tcptrace-bugs Some questions about TCPtrace
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 16:45:09 +0900
Message-ID: <001d01c46976$7d7762d0$71722e93@fables>

Hi. I’m student that studying about network.


I have some dump file to analysis that is dumped by tcpdump utility.
And I want to get RTT value from that dump file. But, there is some
restriction. I have to get RTT value separately from segments about
connection setup phase and segments about data transmission. Connection
setup phase means segments related to “connect” and “close”
functions of socket. Data transmission phase means segments related
“recv” and “send” functions of socket.


I searched about that at man page and other manual documents, but I
couldn’t find it. Could you tell me how can I distinguish the setup
phase segment RTT value and data transmission segment RTT value.


Thanks a lot.


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