tcptrace-bugs tcptrace Segmentation Fault in HTTP Module

From: Yogesh Bhole (
Date: 06/30/04

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From: "Yogesh Bhole" <>
Subject: tcptrace-bugs tcptrace Segmentation Fault in HTTP Module
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 06:46:13 +0200

Hello !

I am facing problem when
I creat huge dump file (approx 10 MB) using tcpdump (using commnad: tcpdump port 80 -w my.dmp)
and give it as input to tcptrace (using command: tcptrace -xhttp my.dmp).

Http module gives me error

Calling cleanup for module "http"
Segmentation fault

It works sometimes and wont work many times :(

Are you also facing same problem ? Have u ever got message
segmentaion fault while executing HTTP module of tcptrace.

If you have solution to tackle this problem,
I will be very much thankful to hear from you :-)
Thank you in advance
Waiting for your reply and suggestion
Best regards !
Yogesh Bhole
Address:- Kungsmarksvdgen 71, Lgh 1340
          371 44 Karlskrona,Sweden
Mobile:- (+46)-762-476746

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