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Date: 06/23/04

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 00:26:52 -0700
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Subject: tcptrace-bugs Your consent is Needed


  Greetings to you and your family .

  I am personally contacting you in my search for a reliable and God fearing
person and having gotten your contact internet search, I have decided to
seek your help in carrying out my last wish .

  My name is Albalawi Madhi, a saudi national but living in Iraqi citizen.
Until recently I had investments in oil and construction in Baghdad. Since
the war started in my country my life has been throw into severe mystery.
I lost my wife and two children to bombs dropped in the city. Today, I?m
in a hospital with very fatal injuries and I have lost my ability to talk.

   My doctors have indicated that my chances of survival are very slim.
I have therefore decided that part of my fortunes should be distributed
to charity works to help victims of the war and the rest part held in trust
for my grandson, Abdulrahim Saliu if you can never located him or if he
survives the war.

   Before this happened my business and concern for making money was all
I lived for. I never really cared about other values in life. But since
the loss of my family, I have found a new desire to assist helpless families
and victims of humanitarian crisis. Shortly after the first gulf war I deposited
the sum of USD$28.5 million dollars with a financial company in Europe,
Given the complete ruin and disorder in my country I have no knowledge of
any relative who would be available to help me carry out this last wish.
And I also feel non of my relatives will be capable of anything now given
the destruction and crippling social situation in my country.

   Please, i am seeking your consent to help me collect the deposit from
the company in Europe and distributes it accordingly. Use your judgement
to distribute the money and feel free to reimburse yourself when you have
the money for any cost you incure during the process of collecting and distributing
the money. If you are willing to help, please reply as soon as you can so
we can look at your reward and the things you need to do to collect the
money.You should reply to my privite mail box

Allah bless you and your family.


Abalawi Madhi

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