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Date: 05/17/04

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Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 13:57:02 -0500 (CDT)
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Chief Otunba Thomas
Federal Secretariat Building,

Dear Friend,

Before i start, i must first apologise for this unsolicited mail to
you. I am aware that this is certainly an unconventional
approach to starting a relationship, but i want you to give this
proposal of mine a thought. My name is Chief Otunba Thomas, executive
director finance and administration of Niger-Delta Development Commission
(NDDC). NDDC was set up by the president Obasanjo led government as a
federal government intervention to help in rebuilding the battarred and
pollutted people of the Niger-Delta region.
Niger-Delta is the South-South geographical area of the Federal Republic
Of Nigeria. The region is endowed with natural resources which constitute
about 95% of our national income. Consequently to the exploration of Oil
and gas, there has been ecological and environmental pollution in this
region. Rather unfortunate, the region lacks most infrastuctural
amenities. These and much more have necessitated the establishment of
Niger-Delta Development Commission.

Sequel to the passing of bill by the National House Of Assembly (the
Legislative organ of the government) and duly accented to by the
president, legitimizing the operations of the commission by an act of
law.The Commission has, therefore,been constitutionally empowered to
implement a policy which will relatively address the long standing neglect
of the region. It's major concern was directed in the area of flooding and
coastal erosion,sedimentation and siltation,social economic
problems,health problem, oilspilage, air pollution etc. Encouragingly,
theCommission having successfully inherited funds from fine accruing from
the violation of the associated gas ejection act of 1979, the oil
companies operational in the region have also been mandated to pay 2% of
their taxable profit to NDDC fund, kept in NDDC'S account with the apex
bank of Nigeria - with my commission having jurisdiction over the fund
which has since accrued well over hundred million of friday, september 19,2003 page 45/46
for more on this issue.However my reason for contacting you is that my
colleagues and i want to have twenty five million dollars (USD
25,000,000.00) transferred abroad which we can not do as civil servants
because we are not allowed by law to operate foriegn account as stipulated
in our code of service.

Upon your acceptance to collaborate with us, we will front you to have
performed a contract with the commission, therefore, the beneficiary of
the fund. Every document in respect of the Contract, legitimizing you
asthe true beneficiary of the fund and authorizing it's immediate
remittance into your nominated bank account shall be obtained and perfected.
You are hereby required to furnish me with the following information:
1. Your name and address
2. Your private telephone and fax numbers
On the receipt of the above information, the fund shall be remitted
into your nominated account within 10-14 working days.
I must assure you that this transaction is safe in all its totality,
However,absolute confidentiality is required even after the fund has been
remitted into your nominated account. Note, for your assistance you shall
be compensated with 30% of the fund while 10% is for any expenses incured
during the transaction. Though you stand to benefit 30% of the fund for
your assistance however,our essence of this transaction is purely
humanitarian.Myself and colleagues have studied the ethnic,political and
religious situation in the country, we are convinced that the president of
the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, who has been very positive to the plight
of Niger-Delta people, will definitely not be returned to office in this
next political dispensation (presidential Election).

Myself and colleagues being native of this region, have decided to save
for the raining days for the benefit of our people. On the hand-over of
the present government in Nigeria and Niger-Delta Development Commission
scrapped ,we have pledged to establish a non-governmental organizationthat
is Niger-Deltans oriented to see to the needs of our people. It isin this
NGO'S account that the fund shall be repatriated.

I await your immediate response.

Yours faithfully,
Chief Otunba Thomas

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