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Date: 02/23/04

Subject: tcptrace-bugs tcptrace - time line
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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:48:32 +0100

Hi ,

I am trying to generate a nice looking timeline.

My tcptraceprogram I have created generates a file according to A) where
the left most column is time in microseconds and the column in the middle
is packets arriving from the client and the rightmost column is packets
arriving from the server. (The logg is from sniffers in a proxy)
My intention is then to generate a timeline graph (automatically) according
to B) to be able to visulize "abnormal" behaviour. I.e we should be able to
see that the client waits to acknowledge segments and so on...

You see in the graph that the left and right line are "dummy" lines only
forwarding the packet to the client and server. The important line is the
proxy where in the middle which need to be accurate in time.

Any idea of how I should do this? I need help. I say your program generates
timelines but, are unaccurate it says.

Best regards
Fredrik Glifberg

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