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February Edition
February Edition of The Savvy Investor
Each month The Savvy Investor analysts study, research, and examine hundreds of stocks, in an effort to pinpoint the one with the most promise. 

This month's pick: Sense Holdings, Inc.

Symbol: SEHO

Recent Trading Range: $.31

Opinion: Strong Buy

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Financial Analysis

Our previous pick UGHO is up 1,360% from its profiled price, and is the top stock in its sector.

+203% increase in revenues for the nine months ended 9/03. Revenue totaled $.379 million compared to $.125 million for the prior reporting period. Results reflect three major clients purchasing goods and services.

The market for such devices is expanding into  industries such as aviation, insurance, banking and finance, law enforcement, public safety, military, security, manufacturing, education, food service, health care, hotel, and retail, to name but a few.




Corporate Snapshot
SENSE Holdings, Inc. (SEHO) is comprised of two wholly owned subsidiaries, SENSE Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of biometrically secured authentication and identification systems and MSTI, Inc. a micro-sensor research and development company.

Sense Technologies, Inc. provides advanced biometric security products that use multiple layers of verification such as fingerprints, iris scanning and facial recognition along with smartcards to verify a person's identity. The Company integrates these biometric sensor technologies into control devices that improve and secure many critical business functions.

MSTI is a research and development company specializing in biometric recognition sensors. MSTI holds patents and intellectual property in fields ranging from individual identity verification to explosives detection and is engaged in the acquisition and development of new detection technology.

Analyst Conclusion

     We are  starting to see real traction and acceptance of biometric technology in the integration into everyday business. In fact, it is estimated that by 2008, 80% of the economically active population will carry some form of biometric identity document.    Not only are businesses and consumers driving this particular stock; but government funding is accelerating the growth of the biometrics industry as a whole.  This is evident in the Dept. of Homeland Security's recent adoption of US VISIT, powered by biometric technology.

The indications are clear, this is a viable technology and it is here to stay. SEHO provides a ground floor opportunity with rising revenues alongside declining costs, with contracts including major players such as American Airlines and Fed-Ex.

We at the Savvy Investor like to have our sizzle and our steak too.

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