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October 2003 Edition of The Savvy Investor
Each month The Savvy Investor analysts study, research, and examine hundreds of stocks, in an effort to pinpoint the one with the most promise. 

Special Edition Pick : TDS Telemedicine, Inc.

Symbol: TDST

Recent Trading Range: $.10

Opinion: Strong Buy

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Financial Analysis

With funding approval in place, as well as anticipated additional equity funding over the next few months, TDS expects the following financial performance:

2003 Revenues $1.0 million
Net Pre-tax $100,000

2004 Revenues $13.5 million
Net Pre-tax $3.4 million

2005 Revenues $22.0 million
Net Pre-tax $6.25 million


Pechala's reports indicate TDST stock
will appreciate +35% for the next 2-week
period. (see PDF)

Corporate Snapshot

TDS Telemedicine Inc is the parent Company of an established UK based firm, TDS Dermatology Ltd.  For the past 5 years this Company has provided comprehensive dermatology telemedicine to the National Health Service in England. Over 25,000 telemedical consultations have been performed since the Company commenced operations, making it the world's largest telemedical dermatology provider.

Now utilizing telemedical technology, a single health care professional can see multiple patients in almost any location, even in the patients' homes. This means maximum productivity for medical personnel, lower capital expenses for the companies that employ them and the added convenience of "house calls" for the patients. Initially, TDS services will go live in Texas. Discussions have commenced in other US states and  TDST's nationwide roll-out program will go into effect quickly.



Analyst Conclusion

The recent SEC ruling to leave the Over The Counter Bulletin Board in its current form is a very bullish sign for this market - possibly a turning point. We think that this is an encouraging signal from regulators that the OTCBB can expect a more positive financial climate going forward. We assessed TDST bearing these 3 basic investment criteria in mind:

1. TDST is in a leading Group. Chart
2. The company financials are strong.
3. The overall market is in a confirmed rally.

I would expect great things from this company and in my opinion it is a Strong Buy.

Editing Chairman

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