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Special Edition of The Savvy Investor
Each month The Savvy Investor analysts study, research, and examine hundreds of stocks, in an effort to pinpoint the one with the most promise. 

Special Edition Pick: Universal Guardian Holdings

Symbol: UGHO

Recent Trading Range: $.10

Opinion: Strong Buy

In Related News:

 A range of threats˙FFFF97from industrial sabotage to suicide bombers are providing a boon to private defense related firms. More...

Federal Sources report spending growth for homeland security, command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance, and future warfighting systems. More...

Former White House    Counter-Terrorism expert Roger Cressey appointed to a post on the Advisory Board of Universal Guardian.   More...


Financial Analysis


Pechala reports indicate UGHO stock will appreciate +35% for the next 2-week period. (see PDF)

$3,300,000+ in revenue already realized from the first and second quarter 2003.

Chief Operating Officer Dr. Mel R. Brashears oversaw $8.5Billion in annual revenue and 35,000 employees while COO at Lockheed Martin Corp.

Corporate Snapshot

Universal Guardian Corp., a subsidiary of Universal Guardian Holdings Inc., offers innovative security technologies, products and services to military, government and commercial markets worldwide. From command and control system technologies to special weapons systems, UGC's products and services cover a wide range of applications and markets, merging cost-effective high technology and ease of use.

 UGC has five strategic corporate divisions: Security Assessment and Tactics Group, Maritime Security Group, Non-Maritime Security Group, Special Weapons Group, and Security Technologies and Engineering Group.

UGC is rapidly penetrating the expanding threat mitigation, anti-terrorism and critical infrastructure protection markets and has already established itself as a premier provider of anti-terrorism, threat analysis services and security systems to the U.S. Navy.


Analyst Conclusion

Rarely do we at the SI Newsletter obtain the type of pertinent information that warrants an ˙FFFF93Early Edition˙FFFF94 publication. Obviously, we believe this to be an exception.

Washington appears anxious to reassure an increasingly dubious American public, by scaling down its presence in Iraq as early as possible. Once the military presence is decreased, it will become the responsibility of the private defense firms to provide ongoing stability. Bush has allotted a sum of 166 Billion dollars to aid in this effort. Furthermore, several key industry insiders have recently joined the advisory board of Universal Guardian.

With its recent strategic appointments, Universal Guardian is positioned to be a leading player in the Defense and Homeland Security markets.

Editing Chairman


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