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November 2003 Edition of The Savvy Investor
Each month The Savvy Investor analysts study, research, and examine hundreds of stocks, in an effort to pinpoint the one with the most promise. 

This month s pick : World Associates, Inc.

Symbol: WAIV

Recent Trading Range: $.09

Opinion: Strong Buy

In Recent News:
     Sales of existing U.S. homes rose unexpectedly in September, jumping 3.6 percent to a new record. More..

      Many new homes expected to sell before they are complete, due to falling inventory and increased demand. More..

    California home prices to skyrocket. Real estate prices climb further amid a statewide housing shortage, according to a forecast released Thursday. More..

Financial Analysis

$5,000,000+ in earnings projected for each of 2003 and 2004.

$18,000,000+ in revenue expected from the development of land it already owns.

$750,000 in financing recently secured to allow for future development.

$60,000,000+ in revenue projected from Miracle Lake property, a separate project.

Preliminary discussions are underway toward a $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 land fund.

Projected sales of $100,000,000 over four years.

Corporate Snapshot

World Associates, Inc. (World) was founded in 1990 and it has evolved into a fully integrated real estate enterprise. World is combining access to the capital markets, a competency with Internet technology, a portfolio of sustainable processes, and the inherent strength of real estate as a means of creating shareholder value. Early in 2002 World acquired more than $10 million in real estate assets. The company is negotiating other joint venture opportunities and alliances, and it will continue to expand it's growing portfolio of assets to develop.

The immediate company objective is to execute a plan of development for it's current assets that include more than 300 acres of property valued at more than $10,000,000. When fully developed, the property will support more than 700 homes representing more than $100,000,000 in total sales over the next four years. The company will continue to add to the assets it owns, focusing on land development, affordable! housing, 55+ housing, and infill housing.


Analyst Conclusion

Tragically, the worst wildfire disaster in California's history now threatens to destroy 15,000 homes. This will unfortunately force thousands of families into the new home buying market. We are saddened by this  misfortune, however it stands to reason that this will increase the state's need for new housing.

The strength and potential for growth provided by the current demand in the real estate market satisfies our requirements for this segment to be in the spotlight for success. Real estate is the traditional hard asset and it is the foundation of World Associates, Inc.  With their strategic positioning and recent acquisitions we feel WAIV is accelerating their move to the forefront of this industry.

Editing Chairman

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