Re: tcptrace-bugs Can i filter according to the application of the traffic

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Date: 08/11/03

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 16:34:13 -0400
From: Manikantan Ramadas <>
Subject: Re: tcptrace-bugs Can i filter according to the application of the traffic
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Hi Aki,

> I would like to ask what should i type if i want to get the statistics
> for the aplication of the traffice such as how many http connection, ftp
> connection, snmp and smtp connection.

   The traffic module might be your friend here. Saying :
   tcptrace -xtraffic file.dmp
where file.dmp is your dumpfile, should leave a file called
traffic_byport.dat in your working directory having basic port-wise
statistics. You may also give stuff like :

   tcptrace -xtraffic"-p22,25,80" file.dmp
   to get you statistics on ports 22(SSH), 25(SMTP), 80(Web) only.
(I am making out a manual for tcptrace which documents stuff like this in
much more detail. It should be out in a week.)

> And also can i filtering the traffic according to these application which
> means can i just get the http connection and filtering all the other
> connection??
   You can filter out connections with the -f option as in :
   tcptrace "-f port==80" file.dmp
   to get you details of the http connections traced by tcptrace, and also
leave a file PF in the working directory having the connection numbers of
the http connections.

   You may pull out those connections alone into a small file say, web.dmp
using something like :

   tcptrace -oPF -Oweb.dmp file.dmp
   Once again, the manual would hopefully answer your questions better soon.
 - Mani.

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