Re: tcptrace-bugs Problems to analyze captured files.

From: Manikantan Ramadas (
Date: 04/17/03

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    Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:47:26 -0400
    From: Manikantan Ramadas <>
    Subject: Re: tcptrace-bugs Problems to analyze captured files.
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi Thomas,

      It seems to me that tcptrace does not understand the packet format in the
    traffic you collect. Could you please give us a sample dumpfile with this
    packet format?

    - Mani.
    On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 01:34:17PM +0200, Thomas Bohnert wrote:
    > Hi,
    > We do some investigations in mobile IPv6 and fast handovers. The goal is to
    > find out the packet loss and the impact for the tcp/ip stack. To analyze the
    > trafffic i choose tcptrace as recommended in RFCxxx.
    > In this way, i caputred some random traffic over a wlan link with tcpdump.
    > This traffic is generated by a small selfwritten generator. Ethereal is able
    > to open the produced file and to decode all headers including tcp. The
    > payload of the packets is shown as TCP short frame of course; the generator
    > uses a proprietary protocol.
    > The problem now is that i can't decode the packets with tcptrace. After
    > opening the trace the following message is printed:
    > [bothom@mira capture_11.36]# tcptrace 11.36.cap
    > 1 arg remaining, starting with '11.36.cap'
    > Ostermann's tcptrace -- version 6.4.0 -- Thu Apr 3, 2003
    > 1009 packets seen, 0 TCP packets traced
    > elapsed wallclock time: 0:00:00.007539, 133837 pkts/sec analyzed
    > trace file elapsed time: 0:00:21.643035
    > no traced TCP packets
    > The files are captured as followed:
    > tcpdump -q -i any -w 11.36.cap
    > thanks for your help;
    > Thomas Bohnert

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