tcptrace-bugs CVS/, config.h, .gdbinit,... in released version

Date: 12/03/02

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    Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 18:17:06 +0100 (CET)
    Subject: tcptrace-bugs CVS/, config.h, .gdbinit,... in released version
    Message-Id: <>

    On 3 Déc, Wesley Eddy wrote:

    > Thanks, I'll take care of applying that patch to the
    > version of xplot. I patched the gmtoff/timezone/altzone stuff a
    > couple years ago and after a bit of testing on a few different
    > platforms and it seemed to behave reasonably, but I probably didn't
    > look hard enough to see the bug you've found and fixed. Thanks
    > for the help!

    Thanks for your responsiveness, it's always nice to see debugging work
    not getting lost.

    By the way, if you do a new "release" of xplot, maybe you could exclude
    from it the following files:



    Marc Herbert
    Ph.D Intern
    INRIA / Sun Labs Europe

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