tcptrace-bugs A few Questions

From: Adam Plesniak (
Date: 07/29/02

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From: "Adam Plesniak" <>
Subject: tcptrace-bugs A few Questions
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:39:56 -0400

Dear sir,

Hello, my name is Adam Plesniak and I am doing some summer work with tcptrace and tcpdump and I had a few questions about the output of your program. At the bottom of a connection, the program lists the feilds < minowin:, maxowin:, averageowin:, and waverage owin:> What exaclty is an O window? And one more question, in reading recent papers aimed on predicting throughput of a connection mathematically, they refer to a Maximum Window variable which is constant during the duration of a transfer. From the tcptrace data, how can we derive this value to use in our own calculations. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for you time.


Adam Plesniak

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