Re: tcptrace-bugs technical question

From: Ethan Blanton (
Date: 06/27/02

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    Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 10:52:14 -0400
    From: Ethan Blanton <>
    Subject: Re: tcptrace-bugs technical question
    Message-ID: <>

    Gabriel Raviv spake unto us the following wisdom:
    > I have tried out tcptrace and was wondering if the output could be changed.
    > Specifically, we want a way to monitor traffic for virtual domains where the
    > domains do not have there own IP address.
    > So the output for a tcp stream would include the following
    > date/time---total stream size (not just data, but inclusive of
    > headers)---bytes in---bytes out---ip of server---virtual host
    > name---protocol (http,smtp,pop,ftp)

    Can you clarify this? By "virtual host", I assume you mean that you
    have N domains on M IP addresses, where M < N.

    If that assumption is correct, what you want is not possible at the
    TCP level; application protocols such as HTTP are aware of the virtual
    hosting, however, and tcptrace might be extensible to support such
    peeking. I'm not sure such infrastructure is currently in place,
    though, and it may be better implemented as a companion program or
    something to reduce tcptrace bloat.

    That said, if you can clarify what you want we might be able to give a
    more concrete answer. (I don't understand, for instance, how you can
    tell the virtual host of a POP or FTP connection).


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