Re: tcptrace-bugs TCPTrace and Etherpeek

From: Shawn Ostermann (
Date: 05/16/02

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    From: "Shawn Ostermann" <>
    Subject: Re: tcptrace-bugs TCPTrace and Etherpeek 
    Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 13:39:03 -0400

    > Is there a way to use TCPTrace to convert Etherpeek (.pkt) files to
    > a TCPDump (.dmp) format?

    Well, assuming that tcptrace can read the file that you have, the
    answer is yes. At one time, tcptrace could read etherpeek files, but
    I haven't tried with their newer formats. Assuming that it can read
    them, then you can do:

    tcptrace -O file.dmp file.pkt

    and you'll get a pcap (tcpdump) format output file. Tcptrace doesn't
    look at the frame-level, though, so that part will be invalid, but the
    IP/TCP/upper level stuff will have been converted.


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