DVD Copier for a few pennies

From: dvdburner@ewasher.org
Date: 01/20/02

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    Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 01:43:52 -0500 (EST)
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    From: "" <dvdburner@ewasher.org>
    Subject: DVD Copier for a few pennies


    Why Spend upwards of $4000 on a DVD Burner when we will show you an alternative that will do the exact same thing for only $19.95?

    You heard us right - for the price of just 1 DVD's, we'll show you how to back up and/or create Your Own DVD's!

    Just upgraded to a DVD and still have a ton of VHS tapes lying around? With this program, not only can you burn & copy any DVD you've created, you'll also be able to transfer all your VHS tapes to DVD format as well!!

    You want to know more? Visit us at http://www.copydvd.net


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