holes in a time-sequence Graph, segments missing

From: Karl Gaissmaier (karl.gaissmaier@rz.uni-ulm.de)
Date: 12/11/01

Message-Id: <200112111733.fBBHXiB27681@masaka.cs.ohiou.edu>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 15:12:06 +0100
From: Karl Gaissmaier <karl.gaissmaier@rz.uni-ulm.de>
Subject: holes in a time-sequence Graph, segments missing


I see missing segments in the graphs generated by tcptrace.
I'm using the following versions:

noc:.../tmp# uname -a
SunOS noc 5.8 Generic_108528-10 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-2

noc:.../tmp# tcptrace -v
Version: Ostermann's tcptrace -- version 6.0.1 -- Mon Dec 3, 2001
  Compiled by 'leibing' at 'Wed Dec 5 18:06:23 MET 2001' on machine 'procyon'

noc:.../tmp# xplot -v
Based on Tim Shepard's version 0.90 xplot
Tcptrace-hosted version: 0.90_tcptrace1.0.2
xplot version 0.90_tcptrace1.0.2

noc:.../tmp# tcpdump -?
tcpdump version 3.6
libpcap version 0.6

I see big holes in an TSG. The tcpdump file contains 2 http streams,
and the second stream shows this holes in the graphs.

I suggest it's no tcpdump problem, because I see the missing
segments in ethereal showing this captured file. And it's no xplot
problem, because even in the .pl file the segments are already missing.
(the captured file is attached)

Is this already a well-known bug?


Karl Gaissmaier          Computing Center,University of Ulm,Germany
Email:karl.gaissmaier@rz.uni-ulm.de          Network Administration
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