Date: 11/21/01

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    Date: 21 Nov 2001 14:34:33 -0000
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    Subject: questions

    I have some questions about tcptrace:

    1)I use tcptrace to view test results to measure tcp performance on 'ad hoc' wireless network
    IEEE802.11 based. I use also tcpdump (to dump packet) and DBS (to generate TCP traffic).
    As result I can see al lot of HD (Hardware duplicate) but I don't understand what's mean this HD.
    I've already read the FAQ but I haven't any help.

    2)I'd like to remove the arrows in time sequence graph (tsg). What must I do?

    3)What's mean the yellow line in time sequence graph? Is it the advertise window at receiver? If yes,
    how can I measure it if on the Y axis there are the packet number sequence?

    The official web site ( is not very helpfull for me.

    I hope that you help me very soon! Thank in advance.
    Best Regards

    Veronica Vanni


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