Re: red hat fix

From: Shawn Ostermann (
Date: 01/10/01

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    From: "Shawn Ostermann" <>
    Subject: Re: red hat fix 
    Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 16:50:37 -0500

    >> Well, I've managed to build tcptrace on a Redhat system WITH the silly
    >> libpcap they include. It's actually very easy.
    >> The trick is to change the two assignments the compiler doesn't like
    >> in tcpdump.c into four assignments. See the problem is that you can't
    >> assign a bpf_timeval to a timeval, even though they're the exact same
    >> thing. So if you have:
    >> timeval something;
    >> bpf_timeval something_else;
    >> Then,
    >> something = something_else;
    >> is a no-no, but,
    >> something.tv_sec = something_else.tv_sec;
    >> something.tv_usec = something_else.tv_usec;
    >> works just fine.
    >> It's kind of a stupid fix, but it does work.

    OK, fine, let's do that. It's no less efficient, since the compiler
    will likely generate the same code either way. Put a note above the
    changed code that we did it for the Redhat folks.

    That said, we should make "put tcptrace sources into a CVS tree on
    masaka" a high priority item.


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