Marina's DLT_RAW problem

From: Wesley Eddy (
Date: 12/11/00

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 23:45:23 -0500
From: Wesley Eddy <>
Subject: Marina's DLT_RAW problem
Message-ID: <>

I just grabbed myself the latest version of libpcap for my linux box from, which seems to carry the most 'official' patches to pcap.
Well, remember a few months ago how Marina noticed that the define for
DLT_RAW in the net/bpf.h on masaka was 101, while it was 12 on every other
machine, and in the tcpdump.h file that tcptrace uses? I ran into it again.
It appears that the newer libpcaps have decided DLT_RAW should be 101. So
I guess it's highly likely that others will have problems too.

My suggestion is to replace all the "#define DLT_suchandsuch" lines in
the tcpdump.h file with a nice "#include<bpf.h>" instead so tcptrace gets
the right numbers. I think this is what Marina thought would fix it too.
I did it on my box, and it works.


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